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Ten Tips to Make Your College Life Most Memorable

Going away to college is a beautiful time that many remembers for a decade, here you will find your friends, maybe your significant other or just some enemies. This time is like the coming of age experience that used to happen in Spain. Leaving home, no one to be answerable to, being fully independent, making choices and friends that can both impact and affect the rest of your life, it’s an exciting yet terrifying time.

You want to do well, but you also want to get the most out of being independent and away from home, from exciting new experiences to staying up all night assignment writing to meet last-minute deadlines. College isn’t simply about being cooped up in your room, glued to your textbooks, or about crazy parties and hangovers.

It’s all about striking a balance, making the right decisions, and seizing every opportunity that comes your way. We have a few tips for you that will help you get the most out of your college experience.

1. Make Friends for Life

Well, high school isn’t as horrible. There is a lot of stress to make friends in high school, and you wind up with people who you might not have the right connection with. Stereotypical labels like jocks, geeks, goths, and losers will definitely appear. There could be an underlying dread of making a mistake and being bullied for the remainder of high school.

College friendships, however, are more trustworthy and long-lasting. Because this is when you have matured and make friends with people who are more like-minded and more similar to you, and it’s more than likely that you’ll select them yourself.

2. Don’t Bunk Your Classes

There will be days when work, deadlines, and tests overwhelm you. To make up for the lost time, you may elect to skip a few classes and study quietly in your room. However, taking fewer lessons will simply make you fall more behind. Unless you have a compelling cause to miss a class, such as a medical emergency, make every effort to attend all of your classes.

Professors give useful information and advice that will benefit you in the long run. Furthermore, paying attention in class can help you revise faster and complete tasks more easily, and there are often exam tips provided if you pay attention. Also, don’t forget the hefty amount of money you pay to be in that college! That is why you are attending college in the first place.

3. Get Involved

During your time in college, dabble in numerous things and learn about other causes, whether it’s volunteer work or extracurricular activity you’re enthusiastic about. While education and a degree are important, social awareness programmes and activities are crucial in moulding one’s values and viewpoints.

It demonstrates the ability to participate in activities outside of school and improves a variety of qualities, including leadership, teamwork, social duties, and dedication. Furthermore, such achievements stand out on your resume. While it’s best to choose a programme or activity that is linked to your subject of work because it will help you spice up your CV, nothing is stopping you from experimenting, experiencing, and trying new things.

4. Join a Club

If you want to get involved on campus, you should definitely join a group. A reader’s club at college offers monthly book reading challenges, discussions and reviews, visits to local libraries, and book donations to schools and orphanages. It helps you socialise with others who share your interests and provide you with many chances to give back to your community.

It was wonderful to finally meet others who shared your love for the same interests and issues as you. It not only help you diversify your social network, but it also allows you to build beneficial connections and learn essential lessons. Clubs and activities, once again, provide opportunities to enhance and add interesting things to your resume.

5. Go Abroad

If you get a chance to attend college abroad or an option to go as an exchange student or volunteer, grab it! Going to a foreign country can help you grow as a person in many ways, including forming lifelong friendships, experiencing new cultures, and, of course, strengthening your professional resume.

Think of when you were a teen, and you had a strong desire to travel? Well, you can partially satisfy that by travelling to a foreign nation throughout your college years. You submerge yourself in a totally new culture, learn to speak a foreign language, meet people from all walks of life and it offers you a chance to grow as a person and be independent.

6. Utilise Campus Facilities

Don’t limit your college experience to books and parties; instead, use this time to learn about your school and the services it provides. Swimming pools, fitness centres, tennis courts, and other sporting possibilities can be found on most college campuses. Check out the dance and theatre studios, as well as the language labs, in addition to the library and computer labs. Community classes are likely to be offered at a discounted cost or perhaps for free. There are a lot of cool things to do on campus at these facilities!

You can learn to swim, channel your spirituality through yoga, stay fit by going to the gym regularly, borrow books, and gain hands-on experience with the subject you’re studying.

7. Participate in Internships

Summer vacation is a time for some students to party and enjoy life to the fullest. However, I would advise against spending your entire vacation having fun. Instead, put this time to good use by doing an internship in your chosen area.

Internships are important, especially if you can include them on your CV while looking for a job after college. It can help you create useful connections, gain insight into how the professional world operates, and make it effortless for you to find work.

8. Learn to Budget

You’re probably living on your own for the first time, and you’re starting to appreciate the value of your hard-earned money. Your parents may have ceased giving you a full allowance, or it may simply be insufficient to cover all of the lovely items you adore and want, as well as social gatherings and nonstop adventures.

When your daily spending starts to outweigh your monthly bills, you’ll realise how important it is to learn to budget. It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to learn to save, set financial goals, and stay on top of your finances. It’s fine to spree once in a while, but don’t blow your entire savings account.

9. Eat Healthily

I understand that preparing breakfast and ordering Chinese takeout is significantly more convenient than cooking a good supper at home, but you must monitor your health and diet. Refrain from relying on fast meals and junk food. Believe me when I say that making your meals is far healthier and less expensive than eating out every meal.

To save time during the week, prepare large batches of food on the weekend and freeze them into meal-size quantities. Bolognese sauce, stews, and soups freeze well and can be transformed into a variety of meals. Healthy and quick snacks include frozen yoghurts, a range of fruits, and raw salads with basic dressings.

Try to start your day with a proper filling breakfast, as it will keep you energised throughout the day. Instead of coffee, make fruits or vegetables your best friend!

10. Reach Out and Stay in Touch

You will be homesick at times because your family and friends are far away. Reach out to your loved ones and communicate with them regularly. There’s no excuse to stay in touch when you have WiFi calling, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, and a slew of other apps to let you interact, many of which are free.

Do not be ashamed to seek help if you are experiencing depression or feel overwhelmed with any other condition that requires assistance. Do you need help? Or probably looking for someone to do my homework with me? Consult some of your classmates or seniors.

Student counsellors and therapists are also available on most campuses to assist and guide you through difficult times. You can meet with them by making an appointment. They are professionals, so don’t be shy about revealing your difficulties. Also, they are legally bound to keep everything confidential.


The years you spend in college are nothing short of a roller coaster. It is a trying time in your life when you must strive, learn to balance education, social life, and employment, and make life-altering decisions that can appear to be rather risky. On the other hand, you learn to be self-sufficient and meet fascinating individuals. Take advantage of every occasion and make the most of it! College, no matter how difficult, teaches you essential lessons and provides you with pleasant experiences.

Are you about to start college? What is the thing you are most excited about? Let us know in the comment below.

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