Monday, 12 July 2021

Top 3 Things that Parents Can Do to Help Kids Get the Best Education?

The fact that children spend more than half of their day in their schools or educational institutions cannot be denied at all. And children pick a lot of things from their environment, the way they behave, react to situations, almost everything depends on how and what they are learning from the institutions where they spend most of their time.

So parents and caregivers need to give a lot of importance to what their children do in their hour at school and what kind of place their educational environment is?

This applies to both educational and religious institutions. Religious institutions need monitoring too. Because after school, your children spend most of the time at religious schools and centers.

Lately, the trend of online education has attracted a lot of buzzes partially because of the pandemic and mostly because of the benefits of online education that has brought ease to both parents and students.

There are many online courses for both scientific and religious education and many online platforms that offer the most skilled and qualified tutors.

For religious education platforms like Jamia Quran offers the best religious courses in many countries. Madinah Quran Academy is one other online source that offers professional and skilled tutors to teach you Quran.

In this article, we will discuss the 3 things that parents can do to help their children get the best education,

Participate at your Kid’s School

Schools conduct parent-teacher meetings and parent-teacher conferences to meet with the parents of their students.

Make sure to be a part of all such interactions with the teacher and tutors of your child. As parents, teachers know their students more than anyone, and because students spend so much time at school, it would not be wrong to say that teachers know your kid more than you.

Parents are so busy in their monotonous work routine that they often forget that ending their children at school is not the only responsibility you have regarding your child’s education.

And when parents don’t have time to monitor the educational activities of their children, even children lose their interest and don’t pay much attention to their grades and education.

Some students find it a very positive gesture when their parents visit them at school. They feel confident and valued, and try to have a better reputation at school, just to make their parents proud.

So, make sure to give your child to give a few random visits!

Make sure Home Work gets done!

Your kid might be scoring well at school, but that does not mean that you don’t have to monitor his or her homework and activities at school.

Homework needs to get done, no matter what. Not only will it save your child from the embarrassment of not doing work the next day at school, but will develop a sense of responsibility for doing things on time.

Don’t spoil your kids by telling them to do half of their homework or not doing it at all. Teachers want their children to score well and educate them in the best possible way.

So, let the teachers do their work, do your part in making your children their work. You should show compassion to your children, but that does not mean that you spoil them in the process.

Get your Child to School when it’s Time

Yes, we have set the age to enter the school, and parents are under immense pressure to get their children into school at that particular age to fulfill the criteria and because they are afraid that their kids might stay behind other children of their age group.

Yes, we understand it is very important to get your child registered in the school at right time, but that does not mean you send your child to school when he is not mentally or physically ready to sign up for this new journey.

Make sure that your child is well aware of school, and that he will be staying in school with a lot of other children of their age, and most importantly that you won’t be present there with them.

Apart from this, make sure that your child is well-nourished, hydrated, get adequate sleep, and goes to school happily.

All these factors somehow affect the education of your children and how they feel about going to school. If they are mentally and emotionally healthy their educational life will definitely boost up, let apart their grades.

These were the most important things that you must consider as a parent when trying to give good education to your children.

Every parent and guardian wants to give the best possible education to their ward, which is not a difficult task to do at all. You just have to put a little more attention to your child and look outside the box.

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