Monday, 16 August 2021

Important Factors To Consider When Buying Kids BMX Bikes

The bikes from the BMX category is one of the most popular kid’s bikes in today’s time. If you have planned to buy one, before that, you should know in detail the features of the types of BMX bikes, which are true BMX, freestyle and dirt jumper bikes. Structurally, a BMX bike is a sports bicycle used as an off-road bike for racing and stunts and is smaller in size and appearance. These bikes are very robust and almost indestructible.

The decision to buy the most suitable kids BMX bikes is often critical for parents. It is effortless to get confused with so many options available. With the vast information available on the internet serving as a kids BMX bikes buying guide, a little research can make the BMX bike buying choice easier for parents or cycling enthusiasts.

Firstly, there are two different types of  kids BMX bikes that you should be familiar with:

  • Production BMX bikes
  • Custom BMX Bikes

Before buying one from the above categories, you need to keep in mind certain important factors, such as:

1. Wheels

Wheels are very critical, and they must meet specific needs. Since acceleration is picked up at starting gates in BMX riding, the wheels need to be much lighter than a dirt jumper or freestyle bike's wheels. BMX bikes typically have a 32-spoke light aluminium wheelset not suitable for dirt jumping or ramping. Freestyle bikes have an exclusive 48-spoke wheelset which provides the maximum rim protection. The wheels of the dirt jumper are varied. While some bikes come with 36 super thick 13-gauge spokes; whereas others are available with 48 spokes similar to freestyle bikes and would largely depend on bike usage, like jumping or dirt riding. Another important point to note is that the thinner kids BMX bikes tire and rim sizes are not interchangeable.

2. Tires

BMX tires are mostly used off-road, where the tracks can be hard-packed dirt. Such terrain calls for low rolling resistance. The tread must provide optimum speed coupled with traction and grip when cornering and accelerating is being done. While freestyle BMX tires designs are more used on indoor surfaces and pavement, dirt jumpers are designed for providing maximum traction during a ride. 

3. Handlebars

Apart from strength differences and weight, there are minor differences in the shape of the handlebars between other bikes and kids BMX bikes. Freestyle and jump bike handlebars have a steeper rise from the clamping area to provide better movement freedom while performing airborne stunts and flatland manoeuvres. 

4. Brakes

While freestyle bikes have both front and rear brakes, BMX and jump bikes have only rear brakes. BMX bikes have linear-pull brakes with full stopping power offering the ultimate grip. Freestyle bikes have U-brakes as riders prefer more control over grip. Though these brakes do not have the stopping power like linear pulls, they provide better modulation.

Final Words 

It is absolutely undeniable that today’s kids often wish of going on adventures and explore the world. About that, cycling can encourage your kids to explore the outdoors and live that dream in a fun and exciting way. The BMX riding passion is not a new trend among kids and young adults, and this sport has some serious fan following around the world. Investing in kids BMX bikes is an excellent way to kick-start kids yearn for adventures.

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