Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Did You Know Leaderboard Rewards Vary Between FanFight and GetMega?

GetMega is a gaming platform where players can play real money games of different styles and types. The platform features games that require sheer skill and no guessing and gambling is involved which makes it all the more legitimate.

GetMega is deemed 100% safe and has the necessary certifications from national and international bodies. Being a member of the All India Gaming Federation and Random Number Generator (RNG) certificate from iTech Labs, Australia, proves that this gaming platform is presenting a clear picture of its authenticity, safety, and trust.

Use your skills and get a chance to earn exciting cash rewards while playing online on the GetMega gaming app. Over 50,00,000 players have downloaded to play and earn hassle-free. 

A close Comparison Between GetMega and FanFight

There are a number of gaming apps and platforms available that deal with real money while playing social games online. However, interested players might get confused as to which one offers better opportunities as compared to others. Here is a closer look between GetMega and another such gaming platform named FanFight.


FanFight offers the players a series of different leaderboards that might turn out to be useful. The rankings are based on the number of matches or tournaments played in the given series. The players receive rewards in FanFight on a weekly basis through the given rankings and weekly participation in matches.

With one team considered for each match, the prizes and rankings are entirely based on the cumulative points earned by the user’s team weekly. 

However, GetMega is ahead and offers 24*7 leaderboards for games like Carrom, GoPool, Poker, and Rummy which fall under the Casual and Card games category. Players have the opportunity to top the leaderboards by winning as well as simply playing. There are a variety of leaderboards offered in GetMega such as hourly, also known as flash leaderboards, daily, weekly as well as monthly. 

There are both paid and free leaderboard options available to the players. Players ranking up to the 10th position are eligible to win leaderboard prizes in GetMega. GetMega leaderboard rewards range from winning up to a total of 100,000 every week to winning gold coins and gadgets like mobile phones and more. 

Variety Of Games Available

FanFight and GetMega both offer more than one type of game and tournaments for the players to compete. Fanfight offers the players the skillful art of fantasy gaming through kabaddi, cricket, and football tournaments.

Whereas GetMega offers real money games in three main categories namely, Casual, Cards, and Trivia. Rummy and Hold’em Poker fall under the card game category. Go Pool, Carrom, Dots and Dash, Warship and a few others are options available in the casual games category. And lastly, interesting math trivia, 123, PicMe, and GK are games available to play in the trivia category.            

Authentic Players

FanFight only allows players with valid email ids and or Facebook ID and existing online payment mode, preferably a PayTM account for smooth transactions to play and participate in the games and tournaments. The profiles are verified so that only real players can play. 

GetMega, as mentioned earlier, is RNG certified as well as a member of AIGF (All India Gaming Federation) which means there is little to no question about the authenticity of the app and its players.  It only allows players with the necessary verified legal age and 100% real players to participate in the games. No bots and illegal games are featured, only skill-acquiring players can play and earn rewards in GetMega.

Sign-up Offers and Bonus

Players on the GetMega app are offered a sign-up bonus of rupees 5 which they can further use to play the games available on the platform.

FanFight also offers its players a sign-up bonus which the player will receive once they sign in with the app. 

Availability of Audio-Video Feature

The sound experience in FanFight is a delight but there is no such feature of video available.

GetMedia is the one and only real money gaming platform, at the moment in India that is offering a video-chat feature. Players are given the delightful opportunity to experience high-quality sound along with High Definition resolution video in more than 8 games available on the platform. This feature makes the gaming and playing experience all the more fun with family and friends. 

Security and Safety

FanFight possesses amazing safety features and aspires to provide the best security to the users. The email address and PayTM/online payment method numbers provided are verified. It also gives the option to use a Facebook account to sign in to the app. 

GetMega is a member of the All India Gaming Federation and its RNG certification and shuffle mechanics ensure users of 100% safety and a high standard and trustworthy gaming experience. It maintains the highest standard of data protection and privacy for its users.

One must be very careful before providing their details and ensure the reliability and authenticity of a platform before involving themselves in such online activities. GetMega offers complete clarity and presents the players with the necessary information and assurances on their website so that prospective users can be certain of their involvement in their gaming platform and participation.

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