Sunday, 16 January 2022

Beachfront Luxury Villa in Thailand - Top 5 Staycations to Choose

Thailand is home to some of the most awesome luxury villas in the world. From luxurious mansions to charming beachfront locations, the options are nearly endless. You can also stay in one of these beautiful villas while enjoying breathtaking views of turquoise ocean waters in Thailand. Find out the list of the best beachfront luxury villa in Thailand for a perfect holiday here.

#1. Villa Kalyana

This beachfront estate Villa Kalyana offers you the jaw-dropping views of LaemSor Beach right from your balcony. Here you will see a wonderful endless sandy beach and palm-fringed beach that can refresh your mind and soul. This villa has 26 bedrooms with apartment suites and bungalows. Each of them is designed to allow you to enjoy a perfect combination of outdoor living and natural surroundings. The design of Villa Kalyana uses wooden structures and earthy stones. There is also a grand staircase that will take you directly to the lush tropical garden around the villa.

#2. Baan PaaTalee Estate

Located in the famous Phuket Island, Baan PaaTalee Estate is another luxury villa in Thailand to add to your staycation list. This villa is located on a cliff face. Overlooking the amazing views of Andaman Seat, Baan PaaTalee Estate can accommodate 20 people in its 9 lavish bedrooms. If you are worried about the tropical climate in Thailand, don’t worry. You can soak your body in a jacuzzi or swim in a 25-meter pool available in the villa. If you want to enjoy a unique staycation while staying in Baan PaaTalee Estate, there are two bedrooms you can find just below the main property of the villa. They will provide you with endless and amazing ocean views.

#3. Samsara Villa

Samsara Villa is another luxury property in Thailand. Being located on the east coast of Phuket Island, this oceanfront villa is really a tropical paradise for tourists. It offers open-air terraces, a lush tropical garden, and an infinity pool. Not only that but Samsara Villa will also provide you with bespoke services. There is also a home theatre room, games room, personal chef, and more in the villa. 

#4.Samujana Villa

Samujana Villa is a stylish and private hideaway with natural surroundings. Meaning “coral” in Moroccan, Samujana Villa overlooking a breathtaking coral cove and glimmering Samui coastline. Staying in Samujana, you can pick up one of the 25 beautiful villas available there. Each villa comes with 1 to 8 bedrooms with modern Thai architecture. These rooms are also completed with state-the-art facilities. 

#5. Villa Praana

Villa Praana is on the list for some good reasons. It comes with 6 wonderful bedrooms with a design that blends comfortable furnishings and luxurious amenities. The bedrooms available in Villa Praana are also designed with large-open airy living areas. Meanwhile, the jaw-dropping ocean views you can see right from the infinity pool in the villa. When evening comes, you can choose one of the 300 different wines from the wine cellar of the villa. Some other luxury amenities you can find in Villa Praana are a yoga area, games room, 10-seater cinema, a boxing ring, and more.

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