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Barbell Curl vs Dumbbell Curl – Which One is Better for You?

Barbell Curls

Apart from the bench press lift, the barbell curl is one of the best ideal workouts advertised in the healthcare industry. The Barbell curl allows athletes to lift up the barbell with the optimum weight, therefore biceps elongate at maximum level. Here all you need to do is to perform this by lifting a barbell, or weight plate, and essentially buy holding clips to prevent the weight from sliding off.

In the barbell curl primarily involves two biceps muscles also known as biceps brachii, and the brachialis remains underneath the biceps [s muscle. Here the secondary muscles involved are the front shoulder or anterior deltoid and forearm muscles or brachioradialis.

What kind of bar should you use? EZ Curl Barbell or Straight Barbell

EZ curl bar should be used when you’re doing a curl.  EZ curl is beginner-friendly because you can lift them for a longer time without stressing your arms. Here you don't have to think about the hand posture and placement while holding the bar as it inheritably developed with the slot for placing your hands.

We would suggest you not use a straight barbell.  Straight barbells are pathetic for your wrist. Straight barbell is generally used in deadlifts, bench press, and squats but it is not suitable for heavyweight bicep curls

Pros of Barbell Curl

  • It provides optimum loads while performing a curl
  • Here heavyweight plates increase the resistance power by 5lb increments
  • EZ bar perfectly place your wrist so you feel very comfortable while doing that exercise
  • Allow patients to stay in a straight alignment during barbell curl lift

It takes few spaces while doing dumbbells

Cons of the Barbell Curl

  • Give enough pressure and stress on the wrist   flexor as the straight barbell is placed at a fixed position
  • Grip stops the chance of combination workout
  • One arm would take over while lifting and it causes your forearms to become imbalanced; It means one side is stronger than the other side.

Dumbbell Curls

Most beginners start with core strengthening exercises with a dumbbell because this type of equipment is highly accessible and allows you to come out of your comfort zone. Dumbbells are safe due to the capacity to drop out from your hand at any condition without making you fall. You can fix muscle disproportion and inequity through dumbbells with both sides being able to fully active.

What muscle is involved in this workout?

It is quite similar to barbell curls. Here the dumbbell curl is performed by the shoulder, forearms, and biceps.  Here the only difference is when you use a dumbbell, you’ll engage your forearm muscles more actively and bend the body to keep it upright and balanced.

What kind of dumbbell should you buy?

Adjustable or Fixed or Neoprene

 The adjustable barbell is quite similar to a conventional barbell. Here you just have to put weight plates and then include a clip to ensure the plate. The adjusted dumbbells are made in such a way that it can bear weights and pick them up comfortably. Adjusted dumbbells are easy to use, and don't take much time to load and unload heavyweights.

If you don’t find the new adjustable dumbbell, then opt for the fixed dumbbell. Fixed dumbbells are best as they stretch up to 2.5 lbs in lighter dumbbells.  However, fixed dumbbells can take a lot more space than adjusted dumbbells.

Don’t buy neoprene dumbbells. The positive side of the neoprene dumbbell is it is soft, comes in a very comfortable coating. But the coating gradually falls off and the dumbbell is left with rusty metal.

Pros of Dumbbell Curl

  • Of movement, thus the range of motion of your arm increases in a better way. It has the capacity to work one arm at an instance to make a balance between both sides of the body
  • Different kinds of Dumbbells include additional muscle to work while lifting it
  • Allow to do combination exercises like shoulder press, and squat curl
  • You get enough flexibility

Cons of Dumbbell Curl

  • Flexibility of movement may cause the wrong posture and develop unnecessary strain on your arm muscles
  • Here two different weights associated with muscle disbalance which causes the lifter to get off-balance while the lift causes other muscles to work to uplift the dumbbell

You have to remember a few things before doing Curl

Setting up:  when you start, it is essential that you select the perfect resistance.  When you select a particular resistance, you should have a weight which you can lift a minimum of 5 to 12 reps for about 3 sets. After selecting the resistance, you need to identify whether you’ll do a standing or seated Curl.

Seated Curl: We always suggest seated Curl because it reduces the possibility of bad posture while lifting weight. In addition, seated curl biceps and forearms are the only muscles engaged. You’ll get an amazing calorie burn for this.

Hand therapy experts always suggest hand strengthening exercise before doing any core strengthening exercise for optimum results.

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